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We have created a scaled-down version of our successful “iiRe Social Icons” called “iiRe Social Lite” for those who just need the very basic social media networks without all the overhead. These networks include Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, You Tube, RSS and Add to Favorites.

Here’s a live working example of the iiRe Social Lite short code.

NOTE: If you have upgraded to WordPress 3.5, please deactivate and delete all prior versions of the iiRe Social Lite plugin before installing the latest version.

NOTE: The company logos in the icons are copyright of their respective owners.


  • Create an independent social media icons widget and shortcode
  • Basic social networks supported
  • 50 different themes! View the complete list
  • 3 different icon sizes (24x24px, 32x32px, 48x48px)!
  • Real-time editing! Change icon theme, size. spacing, etc. dynamically
  • Drag and drop icon reordering!
  • Drag and drop delete!
  • Add custom titles to each icon
  • Add custom links to each icon (samples provided)
  • Add CSS rounded corners! Customize the radius of each corner
  • Add CSS drop shadows! Customize the color, hortizonal and vertical offset and blur
  • Add background colors!
  • Add background hover colors!
  • Add CSS opacity!
  • Links in new or same window/tab (link target)
  • Show or Hide the title (alt/title tag)
  • Hide links from search engines (no follow)
  • Stack icons horizontally or vertically!
  • Align icons left or right
  • Customize the width and height of the icons container
  • Customize the CSS padding and margins of the icon container
  • Customize the container border size and color
  • Customize the container background color
  • A “Reset” button!
  • Works in most modern browsers, including IE9!
  • Accordian-style options panel
  • Options panel is collapsible!

Frequently-Asked Questions

Is there any cost associated with this plugin?
No! This plugin is completely free to use on as many sites as you want!

What are the plugin requirements?
The admin section requires Jquery and Jquery UI to be enabled.  These are usually included with your default WordPress installation.

Why two different admin panels for the widget and the shortcode?
All settings for the widget and the shortcode are stored independently. The widget(best used in the sidebar) and the shortcode(best used on a page or post) can be designed differently, with different themes, size, icon order, etc.

How were the icons created?
All icons were designed in-house at iiRe Productions using high-resolution vector images. This method helps us to produce the highest quality images.

Can I add additional icons?
There is a “blank” icon that is a placeholder for one additional network. If you have experience editing graphics, you can add a symbol for another network or link to the icon in your selected theme. If you need addtional networks, please see our full version of this plugin iiRe Social Icons for more information. All themes are not available in the full version at this time.

How do I change the default links for each icon?
In the Widget or Shortcode Designer, just double-click the desired icon to display the title/link icon and enter the appropriate values.


For more information on how to use the iiRe Social Lite plugin, please iiRe Social Icons Options page!

If you are using the iiRe Social Lite plugin on your site, please let us know so we can see it in action!

Get the Latest Version

Download Version 0.22

Prior Versions

Download Version 0.21
Download Version 0.10


Need More Networks or Icon Sizes?

  • Access to all network icons!
  • Additional icon sizes (16×16, 96x96px, 128x128px, 192x192px and 256x256px)
  • Download new themes and upgrades as they become available!

Purchase the full version of this plugin (iiRe Social Icons) for $5.00 USD. We will send you a link within 24 hours to download the latest full version upon receipt of a successfully transaction.

NOTE: Not all iiRe Social Lite themes are available in the full version at this time. We are updating iiRe Social Icons to support the 50 themes with all networks. 

Supported Networks

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest, Google and  RSS There are additional icons for Add to Favorites and a Blank.

iiRe Soical Lite

If you are using the iiRe Social Lite plugin on your site, please let us know so we can see it in action!