The Client Vision

I recently had a couple of conversions with a long-time client and friend of mine,  Sharon Tara about updating her existing website, Sharon Tara Transformations (If you ever need a home stager in the New England area, Sharon rocks!) and bringing it into the new decade using WordPress. We’ve spoken before about  the latest features, the advantages of using the blog format,  driving traffic to her site, etc. With all the excitement of a giddy schoolgirl, she ask me to help her get started, so we did…

After backing up her existing website,  creating a new instance of WordPress, and a quick WordPress tutorial, we proceeded to dive in head first… Then it happens… the dreaded “Blank Page Syndyrome“.  Over 20 years creating designing interfaces and I see it happen every time…

“So, What would you like to do next?” … “Humm… I don’t know.”

The first thing that I always ask my clients is “What is the purpose of the your project? What do you want to accomplish?”… more time than not, there is no clear vision.


Since Sharon has a previous site and there is content available, I assigned homework:

  • Choose a WordPress template that fits your style (we’ll edit later)
  • Create some blank pages that match your needs (i.e like your existing site)
  • Copy your article text and insert into your new pages
  • Add some pictures *

Your client can easily achieve their project vision… You just have to listen, have some patience and do a little hand-holding; your client (and Sharon) will greatly appreciate it.

Another interesting take on wrapping your arms around a client’s vision, read this article by John Vincent of Yulan Studio

* Note:  Sharon is trying to learn WordPress while her two grandchildren rummaging thru the trash and eat paper towers and her husband calls every five minutes on the land line.