Developing A Concept From A Sitemap

In our last post, we discussed the subject of developing a sitemap for a new project.

Listings Results

Listings Results

Listing Details

Listing Details

Based on various project requirements, listing information, listing provider administration  and the Word Press integration implementation, iiRe Productions has developed a multi-site plugin.

The Listing Results page is dynamically generated from a custom database where the provider enters the information for each property, uploads photos to the WordPress Media library.

Each property also has “listing details” page which contains a photo gallery, property details and a Google map.

The iiRe Property Listings plugin also has several “widgets”, such as a Property Search, Custom Search Links and a Contact Form.

Click either photo to view the full-size screenshots.

The iiRe Property Listings plugin is currently being used to display investment properties from various providers on the Professionals Invest USA network.

If you’d like more information regarding the plugin, please contact us!

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